Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (PRRRHF) Music Awards presentations honor and document the genre's impact and history in Puerto Rico. The Pioneers of Rock and Roll in Puerto Rico as of the early 1960's reunite and integrate with later generations of Rockers and prepare their bands and repertoire exclusively for these events, to celebrate with a musical extravaganza that each time makes it a night to remember! At the 2015 4th Awards event there were two stages, forty eight musicians in different bands, as well as the award ceremony paying tribute to Puerto Rico Rock and Roll legends and personalities.

The All Star Band, a selection of Rockers and legends in our musical history closes with a spectacular musical show. The All Star Band consists of band members that have played with The Beach Boys, The Living End, The Gadgets, The Spiders, Requiem, Sound Incorporated, Raices, The Stokes, Bandolero, RPM and many others.


Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame April 2016 5th Music Awards
presentation was a spectacular and
unforgettable night of Rockin' and Rollin'
to some sensational music!! Stay tuned for future PRRRHF awards events.

Inductees of the Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Los Sonset / The Telstars / Abram Shoo / The Carpetbaggers

2013 The Teen Sounds/Sound, Inc. / The Challengers / The Living End / Alfred D. Herger

2014 The Stokes / The Thunders / The We Know You / Rubén Perez (Mr. Miramar Center) /
Pepito Maldonado

CHiLD / The Spiders / The Jukebox Tributo a Los Beatles / Carli Muñoz / José Nogueras /
Joe Taino /
José Enrique (Kike) Santiago (Alfa Rock) / Vicente Fuster (RIP)

2016 Vivanativa / Los Diamantes / Under The Moonlight, official PRRRHF song by Carli Muñoz /
Héroes Del Rock 'n Roll / Alcides Figueroa (musician), Lifetime Achievement Award /
Joe Vázquez, Sound Engineer / Dr. Osvaldo Alcaraz Díaz, Founding Member and musician

Music "Under The Moonlight" by Carli Muñoz
Official PRRRHF song

WE ROCKED in 2015!!

The 2015 Fourth Edition of the Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Awards Presentation in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico was a tremendous success thanks to the insane turnout and public participation, as well as the excellent collaboration of all who made this possible.

The joint effort of PRRRHF founders Marilina Deitrick and Joey Barbosa, along with the event committee and all of the bands' members made this a truly special and unforgettable experience! Thank you to everyone who came out to share a great time and support our musicians.

It was a Rockin' and Rollin' great time from the beginning to the Grand Finale!

Below is a video collage of the very first musicians and friends reunion at host Adrian Montijo's (The Telstars) home in Lake Worth, FL in June, 2012. It was a very special time for all who attended, many of whom had not seen each other in several decades. People came to Florida from Puerto Rico and many US states to take part in this get-together. Band members briefly practiced the songs, some collaborated long-distance over the phone and as it went, the memories and passion for the music they used to play together decades ago resurfaced and made it a very emotional, yet fun-filled, amazing, delightful and memorable event for everyone. We also started something!! Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was established, to bring back, document, and promote Rock and Roll history and music in Puerto Rico. After our June get-together in Lake Worth, the first formal PRRRHF Awards event took place in December 2012 in Puerto Rico. The All Star Band was formed initially with band members of the 1960's, and with each event many deserving and excellent band members of later years have joined and taken part as well. The PRRRHF events have been growing with much success and it gets better each year. Sit back, enjoy, and have a glimpse of how we celebrated our first reunion.

Video collage by Penny Andrea-Einmo
(clips are not in chronological order)


All Star Band 2015

All Star Band 2016

All Star Band 2012

All Star Band 2013

All Star Band 2014

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