'Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' Inductees 2012

Inducted to the Puerto Rico. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on December 2012. Pete Rivera (drummer) and Adrian Montijo (guitar and voice) were at Pakí to receive the honors.

Watch out man there's a train coming! That's how you felt hearing the amazing sound of The Telstars, like a train. They were BIG, they were LOUD, they were AWESOME! They had the biggest sound of all bands in the early Rock days in Puerto Rico. No other band was that loud and leaving you wanting for more sound.

It was easy, they had Adrian Montijo and his unique guitar sound driving the band. He was the Conductor of the Train, Victor on bass keeping them on track with Pete Rivera drumming the direction. The big sound whistle came from Charlie "Golun" Rivera's (RIP) Hammond organ. David Romero's gentle voice and guitar let the passengers know that it was a safe ride on the train.

The Telstars had various versions that incuded Jaime Canavés, Joey Barbosa, Eric Erba, Roy, Rafi, Berto Mendez and a very important member, guitar extraordinaire Orly Vázquez (Don Jíbaro). Orly was asked to join the band by Victor to play rhythm guitar, but with his amazing playing skills the band took notice and he became the lead guitarist of the band with Adrian taking over the keyboards. It didn't matter, they were all under the same conductor, Adrian Montijo, and his motto was, "keep that train rolling with Rock and Roll"! That train called The Telstars rolled over us and still made us remember that if you wanted to Rock the right way, the Telstars had to be present.

Publicity shot from on top of a tractor trailer, which came out in the newspaper advertising an upcoming concert at Miramar Center in Puerto Rico

Promo Shot

Concert at Hiram Bithorn Stadium


A Special Tribute to an original Telstars Band member, Ismael Rodriguez, from his sister Blanca Rodriguez  Received via e-mail

Just checked Rock and Roll in Puerto Rico 1960, The Telstars, and was pleasantly surprised and also of your commentary. I have the picture of the original Telstars which my brother Ismael (Rod) was part of, and an announcement/invitation where four bands were to play in 1966 which included the Teen Sounds and Telstars.

My brother Ismael Rodriguez, well known as Rod, is in the back row, 1st from left to right. I cannot remember the names of the other two (if anyone remembers, please tell us). On the right is Victor Rodriguez. Front row are Adrian Montijo and Rafi Morales. After Rod was drafted by the army they added the new members.

My brother passed away in 2006, after 4 months in intensive care battling diabetes complications. I want to do this in memory of my brother, so I do appreciate that you will be posting this picture.

I am also appreciative that you will write my tribute to Rod. Up until the end he did not stop playing the guitar, and going through the cd's I found all the music of the 60's among the ones which he played with the Telstars. His two children still reside in Puerto Rico, and I mentioned to them what I was doing.

 The Telstars at the Miramar Center

From L to R: Victor on Fender Bass, Orly on Fender Jag guitar, Pete Rivera on Gretsch Drums, Adrian on Gretsch Tennessean guitar, Rafi on vocals


Some P.R rock band members comments on Facebook

Jorge Ivan Marrero The Telstars at Miramar Center...I was playing there too 1965-66. May 6, 2011

Hector Candelas Telstars..! Con Adrian en la guitarra ! Tremendos tiempos aquellos. Me acuerdo que tambien estaba yo tocando con otro grupo de Caguas....Los " Head Hunters". Mas tarde estuve con Tomas Huertas en otro grupo llamado..."Los Vulcan" Great times in those years....long live Rock..! May 7, 2011

Jorge Ivan Marrero Alternabamos los Spyders ,We Know You, Sunsets, Telstars, Wildcats, Sentimentals..... May 7, 2011

Luis Lebron Rojas Yo vivia en Villa Nevarez y practicabamos en las marquesinas. que buenos tiempos aquellos Rock 4 Ever!!! August 28, 2011

Don Jibaro Orlando (Orly) Those years rolled too fast for many of us... it put tears in my eyes of nostalgia... we were innocent, impressing the young 'uns and enjoying the accolades. I'm collaborating with a few rock vets to write a HISTORICAL account of those DAYS

Adrian Montijo Those years are still happening with a new 2012 backdrop. Why stop a good thing? Still Rocking!!! Next year will be my 50 YEARS ROCKING! aniversary! HUGE party coming!! January 28, 2012

Joe Taino guys you were and still are some of my hero's; Adrian y Orly. That's what i am talking about, it didn't get any better...guys; you owed it to yourself; just put a small combo together and play those old tunes again like you used to even if you don't make any money; you are going to feel so good...that's what i've been doing lately. Adrain,get another Gretsch; the post Fender 2003 and later are great; better than the originals. Orly,Jazzmaster or Jaguar is on your horizon.God bless you.... January 28, 2012

Adrian Montijo It will happen eventually, a concert reunion will be a blast! January 28, 2012

Don Jibaro Orlando (Orly) From L to R - Victor on Fender Bass, Orly on Fender Jag, Adrian on Gretsch Tennessean, Rafi on vocals, Pete on Gretsch Drums.


Billy Lebron Rojas I saw the telstars playing in a party de marquesina en Villa Nevarez , that was a very long time ago. wow. I was 11 years old lol. January 28, 2012


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