'Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' Inductees 2013

In the 1960's we had great rock bands and great vocal bands. Listening to the Teen Sounds crisp sound, you had to get real close to the stage to make sure it was not a record. They were undoubtedly one of the finest bands in Puerto Rico. Joe Cruz aka Joe Megaton played his guitar parts so well with a mellow sound, and Tony Sotomayor the bass with a touch of Beatles style and with one of the most powerful and melodic voices we ever heard. He could give you a very distinctive falsetto like Lou Christie or Frankie Valli, or could also sing Beatles with his own special touch. The rhythm was provided by Carlos on drums and Teddy on guitar and sax, and melodies and instrumentals by Joe Feliciano (RIP). Although they had a variation of personnel, the Teen Sounds kept the essence intact, that was the crisp clear vocals sound. The Teen Sounds part of Rock and Roll in Puerto Rico are now part of the Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Teddy, Mickey, Tony Sotomayor, Joe "Megaton", Carlitos, Joe Feliciano (RIP)


The names of the members of the The Teen Sounds in the photo above, from left to right, Tony Sotomayor (lead singer), Paco Doltz (organ) Joe "Megaton" (lead guitar and Leader),Teddie (guitar and sax/trumpet), and  Carlos Morales (drums). Mickey was no longer with us.

When our band leader Joe Feliciano (organ) passed away Joe "Megaton" took over as bandleader, then we brought Paco Doltz as the organ player.

After Andi and I, Carlos, created the Telstars, the drummer with the Teen Sounds was Tito. You'll see him in the Rodeo promotional flyer below,  with his hair painted white.


Clip from the newspaper El Mundo in 1965,
same picture as the one on the right.

Back row: Teddie, Carlos, Joe "Megaton", Tony Sotomayor
Front row: Mickey and Joe Felici
ano (RIP)





Teen Sounds - Em Club at the Navy base in Miramar, PR, 1964 or 1965. That weekend we had to go on as a 4 piece. Joe Feliciano was starting his bout with leukemia, RIP my brother. From Left To Right Carlitos, Joe, Teddy and Me, Tony Sotomayor.


The original Teen Sounds at Marianito Artau's radio show 1963. Teddy Ramos, Ricky Reyes, Tony Sotomayor, Tito Reyes (picture courtesy of Tony Sotomayor)


Thank you so much to Carlos J. Morales (Carlitos) of The Teen Sounds, cousin of Eric Erba (RIP) of The Challengers for climbing into his attic and digging up such wonderful pictures, newspaper clippings and  flyers. Thank you to Tony Sotomayor for allowing me to add his pictures as well. Gracias, it is deeply appreciated! ~e~


The Teen Sounds eventually evolved into Sound Incorporated



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