Joe Taino
'Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' Inductee 2015

Hi, Taino here. Talking about P.R. and what I uncle was in the Navy and he used to take me to the swimming pool at the Navy base in San Juan on Saturdays, and there was where I heard American music (Rock and Roll) most of the time or what I could hear on the AM radio once in a while. You know the deal over there back in the early 60`s! Then in 1964 Dad bought a brand new Chevy car and took us that night to the drive-in in Bayamon and they were showing The Beatles A Hard Days Night. That changed my life, I was 9 and I bugged my dad for a guitar for two years but he didnít take me seriously until I was 11.

I used to go every day to my neighborís house to jam with his electric guitar and I learned on my own, I Canít Get No Satisfaction, Gloria, Wild Thing and Wipe Out. Dad went and bought me a Silvertone acoustic and got me a teacher (Mario Charon). I took about 12 lessons, Perfidia, More, Donít Let The Sun Catch You Crying, stuff like that, and finally when he saw I could play he bought me a Teisco del Rey and a Silvertone 1x12" amp and the rest is history.

I started playing in marquesinas (garages), then talent shows in school and church and centros comunales (community centers) and so on. I remember a really good band I used to watch rehearsing called the Chryslers. Raul Paonessa was the drummer. This was probably 1967. Another band I remember and was good was The Frogs, also The Sames and another band called Flower Generation, I think from College Park. There were a lot of good bands in that area but I canít remember the names at the moment. Then I went to the CaborrojeŮo in Guaynabo and I think I saw the Vagabonds and Teen Sounds if I am not mistaken. I saw Bandolero at the Alfa Beta Kai in Guaynabo. I saw the Sonset many times on TV and at school dances.

The Marshall i can live with, the guitar hell no but i had to hold it for the foto session for a music store ad.

This was at the Navy base in Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico with Marion Hite and The Honky Tonk and western music.

Playing at Roosevelt Roads Navy base in Ceiba, PR. My Gibson SG special and my brand new Traynor with 6x10 cab....muy bueno!!

The other hang-outs for kids were the Underground in San Patricio Plaza, La Rue, La Conga and Miramar Center, but those were definitely before my time. There were also Ceasarís Palace, The Trip, Playmate Club, The Cid, Corkyís, Armandoís Hideaway and Rashids. I am thinking El Patio de Sam also. After you left, all that was left was The Trip, Hipopotamus, Armandoís and the Navy bases or the hotels, but you had to play Disco. Bands from the 70ís, Banda Del K-Rajo, Stagecoach, Copenhagen, Arrasas, Tayno Band (that was me and I spelled it like that back then), Godmother and Country, Guamani, Hot Coffee, Banko Raices and Sound Incorporated. I have to get back to you about the late 70's when I went back but not too much was happening. Let me do a bit more research and Iíll let you know soon.


On August 4, 2013 I was inducted in the NYC Blues Hall of Fame at BB King's Blues club in NYC. It was a great show with Michael Packer; Jon Paris; Gabriel Butterfield; Danny and Jonnathan Kalb; Bobby Harden; Rob Papparozzi; Christine Santelli; Matt Mousseau; Hap Moore and many more.....

Joe Taino in action and bluesin'



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