A great Polaroid picture that Joe Taino found depicting the
essence of the 'times'. Joe Vazquez took the picture.

Danny Olaizola, Albert with the afro, Joey with the round dark glasses and
beard shaved in half, Julito in the back and Osvaldo (Gringo) with the Gold
Top Les Paul. You cant see my (Joe's) guitar but it was a Gibson SG Special


Following is a delightful, unedited conversation held on Facebook
about the picture, and the fond memories and anecdotes it produced.

Danny Lloret Joe, Is that el gringo with the Les Paul and Albert with the afro?

Danny Lloret Ohh and is that Danny in the middle?

Danny Lloret The attitude is like an Allman Brother one..... cool

Joe Taino yep ..Danny Olaizola,Albert with the afro;Joey with the round dark glasses and beard shaved in half,Julito in the back and Osvaldo(gringo) with the gold top Les Paul.You cant see my guitar but it was a Gibson SG Special.I wish i have that guitar now.It was sweet and i was stupid...i am stiill are..

Joe Taino yes...that was at Hipopotamus club across from the Condado Beach Hotel in Ashford Ave.;lots of fun memories.I think that was my favorite place to play ever....well Rodeo Bar in NYC is becoming the next and i have to say Dan Lynch`s back in the 90`s.There is always a special place for every band....

Ricardo Baerga-Ibanez Holy crap!! This is turning into ancient history!! Wish we could go back to those simpler times.

Carlos Melendez Wow Joe , memory lane ! , the Hippo , we used to play there and carry a Hammond B-3 that belonged to Amaury , and there where almost all of us carrying that thing thru the stairs including Amaury...

Joe Taino El Provo no tenia fuerza.muy flojo

Ricardo Baerga-Ibanez You guys were young and strong and beautiful, remember that; aging is a bitch....

Joe Taino Kiko:
Te acuerdas de Playpen o Playmate no recuerdo bien pero te vi tocando con un trio.Y tambien te vi tocando en Hato Rey en los condo que son en forma de media luna en
un party en la picina.yo toque un poco y tambien my amigo Hector(biscocho),el era surdo y tenio uns Strat blanca y era gordito co afro.muy buen guitarrista....

Ricardo Baerga-Ibanez Joe; esos condominios en Hato Rey que mencionas son en El Monte. Mi novia asi como un amigo mio vivieron alli.

Danny Lloret Recuerdo a Bizcocho. La última vez que lo vi fué el el departamento de Hacienda, el trabajaba allí.

Carlos Melendez Bizcocho claro que me acuerdo de el!

Carlos Melendez el probocibio era el que menos cargaba ja !!

Osvaldo Alcaraz Diaz WOW! never knew that this photo even existed, that's me on the right with the Les Paul.

Joe Taino esta foto fue tomada en el Hipopotamus.yo creo que Joe Vasquez la tomo con uns Polaroid,por eso esta faded pero voy a tratar de arreglarla un poco.great times..i miss Julito...

Steve Johnson look at that Goldtop with zebras.... cool.

Osvaldo Alcaraz Diaz Yea, I do too, hell of an organist, somewhat crazy but a ggod friend.

Osvaldo Alcaraz Diaz I still have that Goldtop and it still sounds incredible

Steve Johnson Oshvaldo, what's the story with it? are the pickups mini-humbuckings? Hard to tell from the pic. But it looks way cool.

Osvaldo Alcaraz Diaz yea, they are minihumbuckers, and they sound way cool, I recently had a msihap with the guitar, during a guitar expo, in which she fell from the stand to the floor, and the head stock separated where it is glued together, but I'm having her restored.

Steve Johnson .....very cool guitar. nice to have one for that long a time.

Osvaldo Alcaraz Diaz It has been with me since august, 1970, I also have a strat that has been with me since feb, 1967

Bill Troiani Me gusta !

Erika Meszaros Cool, thanks Ossie! What is the this Arrasa or just a random pic of youall?

Osvaldo Alcaraz Diaz No, the band was Banko and I was studying medicine at the time.

Ricardo Baerga-Ibanez Osvaldo; heard about the mishap and feel for you but the guitar is in good hands, Eric Cabrer is very good at what he does. Also it was basically a separation and not a break; so you're in good shape. Glad it will work out well.

Osvaldo Alcaraz Diaz Thanks, but it still hurts, she is so much a part of me that I feel that am not complete without her

Angel Rod WEPA!!!


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