'Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' Inductees 2014



Accepting the Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awards

The Thunders 1965
Jorgito Santiago, Gilberto Casillas, Arturo Berrios,
Miguel (Chimmy) Portillo and Hector Negrón

By Tony Sotomayor ~ In the above picture is the original Thunders at the La Guadalupe Church in Puerto Rico. They used to have youth activities in the back of the church. I played there first with The Teen Sounds and then these Thunders played after us on different occasions. Later in 1967 I left The Teen sounds and reorganized The Thunders with Arturo Berrios (keys),Tito Quesada (drums) and Chimmy Portillo (guitar). Jorgito and Hector (from the original Thunders) then joined the Teen Sounds and changed their name to Sounds Inc. I have very fond memories of The Teen Club in Ft. Buchanan. Those were great parties. We also played the NCO Club many times.

Deep appreciation to Gilberto and Ivonne Casillas, and Tony  Sotomayor of The Thunders for all of these wonderful pictures and information.


Original Thunders drum set still alive!


The Thunders Late 60's

The Thunders promo pic for the
El San Juan Hotel 1968

During the peak of our TV days.
Late 60's to early 70's


The Thunders all growed up - 1997
The Thunders reunion ~ 1997
Reunion pictures courtesy of
and Ivonne Casillas

The Thunders 1997


The Thunders 1968
El San Juan Hotel, Hunca Munca Room PR
Tito Quesada, Arturo Berrios,
Tony Sotomayor, Chimmy Portillo




The Thunders Room rehearsal Orlando, FL 1975
Tommy Orta, Chimmy Portillo, Junny Martinez,
Arturo Berrios, Arturo Berrios





The Thunders at the props room
(channel 2 TV Studios) 1969-70
Tito, Arturo, Chimmy & Tony


Email message received in December, 2012

Dear Erika,
You have done an excellent job in the Webmaster page. Thank you for giving us credit on the Thunders. Hope to meet you soon so we can continue rocking! May God bless you and all the rock 'n roll band members you have made this possible.
Cordially, Ivonne and Gilberto Casillas



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