'Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' Inductees 2012

Inducted into the Puerto Rico Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. Anibal was there to receive the honors.

Watching the Carpetbaggers on stage was an adventure, sometimes you'd think they looked like a regular all rock band, and sometimes like a soul music band, then sometimes like a California folk rock band and others like a British band. And you were right on all of them, The Carpetbaggers very versatile in all styles!! They would play Four Tops with incredible vocals from Madamo, a very special humble person and great singer, later jump into a beautiful melody from The Byrds and finish up with a great rendition of Rolling Stones classics. They will get to you from all angles and once they started playing they're professionalism on stage kept you focused on them.

Fonzy was a drummer to watch, complemented with British style outfits that made him the coolest dude on stage. Then if you look to the left of the stage you'd see Lito with his bass vertically inclined and playing it like there's no tomorrow. Anibal was very deep into his music on stage, he wanted everything solid and perfect note for note. No way you will hear the wrong note coming from his lead guitar, and Amilcar kept that Vox 12 string or the regular 6 string ringing like a bell. A complete band from Puerto Rico's heartland, Caguas. An unforgettable sound that will always live with us.


Thank you to José (Kike) Santiago for identifying the band members. From left to right: Amilcar Huget (rhythm guitar and vocals), behind in the back is Radames (El Madamo) Huget (lead singer), he died a couple of years ago RIP, in front of Radames is Alfonso (Fonsy) de Los Rios  (drummer), he died about three years ago RIP, beside Fonsy is Aníbal (lead guitar) in the white suit, and right back behind in the corner is Abel (Lito) Martinez (bass player). Those were the immortal Carpetbaggers!

Radamés (El Madamo), Fonsi, Aníbal, Amílcar

RADAMES HUGET, EL MADAMO, A VERY IMPRESIVE ROCK 'n ROLL SINGER. In 1965 he started up with the fabulous Carpetbaggers, later in the 80s he did his come back with heavy metal rock band Quantum. He died about 4 yrs.ago R.I.P. MY BROTHER WE REALLY ENJOYED YOUR SINGING AND FRIENDSHIP.
José (Kike) Santiago


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