From left to right - Mora the lead voice, Marcelino bass man, Papo the second guitar and piano, Chegui on the drums, finally Salvador (Johnny) first guitar and leader of the group. This was at la batalla de los Grupos at the old El Comandante race track in Carolina.



Email received from Salvador (Johnny) Quiñones

This Rock Band started in the 60's. I was the lead guitar. My name is Johnny, the second guitar and piano was Papo, the bass guitar was Marcelino. Voices: Mora and Cotto, second voice Papo. Our Battery man was Chegui. We participated in La Batalla de los Grupos celebrated in El Comandante, Carolina, PR. There were with us The Dave Clark Five and The Sand Pipers. The Person who made this show was Mr. Bloo From Channel 2.

This band was created in Caguas P.R. in 1965 and we had been moved forward by four years around Caguas, Aguas Buenas, Gurabo and Carolina. We had a good time toghether and we shared a lot like brothers. Maybe one of this comming Days I can send some more  evidence (Pictures) about our rock band.
Sincerely, The leader of the band, Salvador Quiñones - Johnny.
Note: God Bless You....


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