Eric Clapton used a 1964 Gibson SG Standard guitar starting in 1967 while with the band called "Cream". This guitar was known as the "Fool" guitar, as it was painted by the Dutch artists, Simon Posthuma and Marijke Koger, known collectively as "The Fool", which is in reference to The Fool Tarot card.

The artists are primarily known for the huge mural on the outside wall of the building that housed the Beatles Apple Boutique on London's Baker Street, as well as re-painting John Lennon's piano, George Harrison's Mini Cooper and a number of other projects. Fool (design collective)

In Spring 1968, Eric Clapton loaned the Fool to singer Jackie Lomax. The Fool was sold in 1972 by Lomax to Todd Rundgren for $500. Rundgren named the SG "Sunny". "Sunny" was played several times on stage until Rundgren had copies made, then put the original SG in storage. Some time later he restored the original and eventually it was sold in 2000 to a private collector at a Sotheby's auction for $150,000. The collector in turn re-sold it several years later for $500,000!

See John Lennon's Rolls-Royce Phantom V painted "psychedelic" The idea to make the car psychedelic was based on a suggestion from Marijke Koger, a member of The Fool who told Lennon to "paint the Rolls like the gypsy wagon" that was in his garden.


George Harrison's Original Mini Cooper

In1966 manager Brian Epstein gave each of the Beatles members a MINI Cooper S as a gift, which George Harrison subsequently painted with psychedelic images decorated by The Fool. The story is that after LSD was unknowingly slipped into their tea by a “friend”, George and John Lennon drove very slowly because they did not know what was happening to them. Shortly after the MINI was used in the film “Magical Mystery Tour”, it was given to Eric Clapton who gave it back to Harrison in the 1970′s.

The Beatles Apple Boutique

Simon Posthuma and Marijke Koger designed the huge 3-story mural painted in psychedelic colors on the facade of the Beatles' Apple Boutique on London's Baker Street (which also stocked their creations). Months later, the mural was painted over by civic order, due to protestsf rom other local businesses, before the shop failed.

"Wonderwall" - The Fool - Jane Birkin - 60's Psychedelia in London

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"Wonderwall" is a movie to which George Harrison composed the sound track. One of the most notable things about the film is the art direction, done by the band/art collective The Fool.

The members of
The Fool also are performing. Additionally, Suki Potier (Amanda Lear) and Anita Pallenberg also perform as a minor part, and starring is beautiful Jane Birkin.

Romantic tune "The Castle Far" of Matthews' Southern Comfort was used on the way. They took the sitar to the following tune "Thoughts for a Friend".


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