Erika's Story

 As a teenager back in the 1960's in Puerto Rico, I began going everywhere there was a band playing at school dances, teen clubs,  military bases and different venues and clubs around town, and got to know members of the Rock and Roll bands in San Juan. Went to practice sessions and jams as well, and followed them to the activities and concerts where they played. I was a die-hard fan and enjoyed listening and dancing to the great music! Still am a fan! All of our Puerto Rico musicians and singers were exceptionally talented. They could stand side-by-side with all of the best anywhere, and they all just got better with time! Most of them are still in the music scene, some of the old bands have regrouped, and a lot of them have become well-known celebrities in the music world.

One of my favorite 'hang-outs' was Casa Margarida Music Store where all the local musicians could be found at any given time. Sometimes a world famous Rock or Pop celebrity would show up. The popular radio stations at that time were WHOA and WBMJ.

A large group of friends used to get together regularly at El Monte Apts. where I lived in Hato Rey. Some of the local band members used to pop in frequently and join us on the large outdoor stairway 'pa' jamear' (to jam) with their guitars and flutes, or bang on the floor with their drumsticks, and we'd all sing. I think everybody in town hung out there at some point! We were a large family where great cherished long-lasting friendships were made.

The web site for Rock In PR ( was initiated long ago by Orly Vázquez, former guitar player for Los Sonset, as a tribute to the band members and fans of the 1960's in Puerto Rico. It sat for years without any activity. I thought it was a fantastic idea and with his permission began adding information to the web site. Eventually, I took over the whole project and Orly handed over the web site to me, as well as all rights to it, so that makes me the owner and webmaster of this site. Since then the site has expanded hugely, adding pictures and stories that Puerto Rico band members so graciously email to me. These bands were an inspiration to future excellent PR music makers who need to be given due credit and whos stories are being recognized on as well. is a project of love, and a place where everyone can come and get accurate information, pictures, and music directly from those that lived through the era of the 60's and started the Rock and Roll movement in Puerto Rico, and is a valuable heirloom about the history of the beginning of Rock in Puerto Rico.

In the picture below of my collage there is a flyer towards the bottom by the heart which was for an event with the local band The Challengers. I don't remember where it was, but for some reason the Normandie Hotel in San Juan comes to mind. I think any band pictures or memorabilia I had wound up on those picturesque closet doors! The rest of my walls were covered with posters pasted up by mixing regular cooking flour with water... who remembers that? My parents freaked out but it was too late, the paste was dry already! :-)

Wall collage paying tribute to the 1960's era.

The British pop bands (British Invasion) like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Dave Clark Five turned us on to some great music, as well as new words such as Blimey (wow!!), Cheerio (greeting), Loo (the john), Fag (a smoke), Kip (sleep), and of course FAB (fabulous)! Their music was also a great inspiration for the Puerto Rico Rock bands.

All of the above began when my Dad came home one fine day in late 1963 with a plastic 45rpm record that had The Beatles song 'She Loves You', and also 'I Want To Hold Your Hand', I think it was Christmas. I was 11 years young! Little did he know what a 'can of wonders' he opened up for me!

I got hopefully lost in the evolution of Rock and Pop music and the Rock bands in Puerto Rico, not to mention Hippiedom and Flower Power. Still have all my old vinyl records from the 60's on up, starting with that very first Beatles 45, lots of Surfin' Music and also some older Elvis and Shoo-Bop. All I can say is, if I could do it all over again I would in a heartbeat!


My guitar, Mariposa,
custom hand crafted for
me in Puerto Rico



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