~ Bed-In For Peace ~
John Lennon and Yoko Ono


The first Bed-In took place after John and Yoko’s secret marriage in Gibraltar on March 20, 1969. They picked Gibraltar after having tried to get married everywhere else first, and also, John said, because it was quiet, friendly, and British. Two days later they were ensconced in Suite 902 of the Amsterdam Hilton and word quickly got out that the Lennons were spending seven days of their honeymoon in bed for peace and as a protest against all forms of violence. The world’s press were formally invited to interview them to discuss their campaign.

Identically dressed in white robes, John and Yoko sat in an enormous king size bed in the Grand Bedroom of the Presidential Suite, surrounded by flowers, posters, and drawings. The walls were covered with hand-painted signs reading “Bed Peace,” “Hair Peace,” “I love John” and “I love Yoko.” On the first day alone there were over fifty journalists, photographers, disc jockeys, and camera crews, all anxious to find out what was happening. John was confident but emotional; conjuring, compelling, words flowed ceaselessly from the magic Lennon tongue. His outward appearance was commanding. From John’s ever changing gallery of faces an image had evolved that perfectly suited this new role: long flowing hair framing the intense bearded face, accentuating his glazed eyes behind the National Health round wire glasses, the tautness and seriousness of his features alternating with the familiar leery smile. When he spoke he manipulated his hands in sharp gestures typical of his vibrant body language.

“We are both artists! Peace is our art. We believe that because of  everything I was as a Beatle and everything that we are now, we stand a chance of influencing other young people. And it is they who will rule the world tomorrow."

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